Summer is Here

Friday, August 19, 2016

At home

Pretty colors

I like yummy colors. I just finished knitting a Xenia cowl, here it is soaking in the sink.
The yarn is from Wonderland Yarns, it's called Mad Hatter, and the color is Melon-Jolly. Yeah, I need a job naming yarns and colorways.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Did you see them??

The Perseid Meteors
 This is a map of local light pollution. I was able to drive out toward Canandaigua, into a yellow area. It was partly cloudy between 1-2am.
I saw about 20 big ones in an hour, with dozens of teeny tinys in between. Some of the big ones had red and green tails, and I saw 2 at once, too! It was better than fireworks: all natural, organic, and no crowds.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mr. Blue Heron

Posing on a pier.
We saw LOTS of these cormorants sitting in a dead tree on one of the islands in Irondequoit Bay.

Working on a ceramic mural with Annemarie Zwack

Patrice, Mame, and I went to Richford, New York, and got to work with this wonderful artist. We helped finish tiling a wall on an outdoor park pavilion. We worked mostly on the top right corner (that's Patrice on the ladder and Annemarie Zwack on the left), and Mame built the railroad tracks in the lower right corner.
This project was planned by the artist and the community, and used children's drawings and ideas. The kids and others made tiles of animals, local plants, fish, the river, and a large tree with a tire swing. They started this mural in April, 2016, and as of Sunday, some of the grouting was in.
It's a very special piece of art, and I feel privileged to have helped a bit.

Monday, August 1, 2016

A new sketchbook journal in the making

While Joe was here, I cut off some black jeans of his so he could wear them as shorts. The black denim pants leg formed the beginning of the cover of the new journal. The inside cover is a pile of scraps I sewed together.

Sasha says

Look mommy! I'm a bunny! See! Don't I look just like a bunny? Come on, a bunny! Really!