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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Working on a ceramic mural with Annemarie Zwack

Patrice, Mame, and I went to Richford, New York, and got to work with this wonderful artist. We helped finish tiling a wall on an outdoor park pavilion. We worked mostly on the top right corner (that's Patrice on the ladder and Annemarie Zwack on the left), and Mame built the railroad tracks in the lower right corner.
This project was planned by the artist and the community, and used children's drawings and ideas. The kids and others made tiles of animals, local plants, fish, the river, and a large tree with a tire swing. They started this mural in April, 2016, and as of Sunday, some of the grouting was in.
It's a very special piece of art, and I feel privileged to have helped a bit.

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  1. What a beautiful project to be a part of. I notice the handprints in the mural... very sweet.