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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Last Day of School

The last day was Friday, June 24th. I got a paper-plate award:
 Then my friends and I went to the Rochester zoo for 'Zoo Brew' Friday, in which you drink adult beverages and walk around the zoo. This is a big social thing, apparently. Here's our selfie. It was hot and humid, of course. 

Here's a silly one of Shizuka and Anna.
The highlight of the event was a guided tour of the elephant barn, with one of the zookeepers. (The tickets for the tour were provided by a generous donation from my parents; thanks, Mom and Dad!) The proceeds go to maintaining habitat and preventing poaching in Africa.
We learned way more that we needed to know about how to take care of elephants in a zoo, and some of it was eye-opening. One of the workers was recently in several southern African countries, where ivory poaching happens every day. 
It was a nice ending to a good school year, and now I can do a zoo lesson next semester, with firsthand information!

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