Spring is Here

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I'm a paint addict

I'm still having trouble painting letters. But this kind of painting takes a lot of practice. I do love my art supplies!


  1. Love this quote!!! I'm a supply addict... in fact, I've got a shopping cart with gouache in it from Dick Blick as we speak. Just need to hit "BUY". I "need" more greens.

  2. I also forgot to add... my lettering stinks. It's never level or the same size.... but I can hear MAM chuckle and saying "forget about it"!

  3. Emie!! We are in the same tribe! I NEED more greens, too. And a bigger shopping cart. It's OK, it's a safe productive addiction. Not hurting anyone and providing enjoyment for ourselves. Nothing wrong with that. And helpng the economy. And if a little art gets made, or wonky lettering, that's the frosting on the cupcake, right??