Spring is Here

Monday, July 11, 2016

We invented a new cocktail

First, muddle 6-8 ripe raspberries in the bottom of the glass, then add half a glass of blush wine (I just pick an artistically appealing label), then add berry flavored sparkling water. Voila! We couldn't decide on a name, so we are open for suggestions. Framboise Fizz? Razzmatazz? Pinky? 

My friend Anna joins in a silly selfie.

She made bruschetta from heirloom tomatoes; delicious!

It was a lovely summer afternoon, we talked, I knitted, and we stayed out until the fireflies appeared, and the mosquitoes sent us indoors.


  1. How about "Pinky Swear" for a name? (b/c it was 2 of you who made up the recipe)